Design & Illustration

Custom Illustration

My skills and specialties include logo design, custom illustration, promotional materials, tattoo concepts, and graphic art. I’m most strongly drawn to anything strange, nightmarish, grim, or inhuman. These aren’t limitations, though: I can work with a broad range of styles and I’m open to discussing any type of project that involves art or design.

So, if you’re looking at my work and thinking “Good job, I guess, but I don’t want any of these,” then consider emailing me anyway and asking if I can do something normal-looking to advertise your rustic coffee shop or cute Etsy business. The answer is probably “yes”. I’m aware that some clients don’t want something to view in dim candlelight while rubbing their hands together and cackling. Yeah, I can do that. It’s cool. It’s fine.

Graphic Design

I specialize in posters, album layouts, custom logos, and ezine/audiobook covers. My clients include gaming teams, digital magazines, online textbook developers, and independent musicians.

I want to draw the creature from your childhood nightmares. I’d love to make the perfect logo and J-card/CD cover for your sick black metal band or dungeon synth project. I’ll devour literally anything that involves aliens or horror.

But, you know, I still have to pay for utilities and an endless supply of pens . . . so if you want me to make you a typographic logo with your business name and a smile, I probably will.

. . . The Hell? This Isn’t Black Metal or Space Cultists.

See, I told you that I could do other stuff. Here are some cheery gamer identity pieces.

Just look at those ducks. Aren’t you glad you held out for this?

My Tarot Cards

I’m currently working on my own Tarot cards inspired by the dark, subtle energies that lurk beneath the surfaces of this world and many, many others.

My current goal is a complete set of Major Arcana, which is bound to take quite some time. But, for now, here is a small taste of the blackness to come.

Let’s create something together.

Your message is worth stating boldly . . . especially if it’s something you’ve hesitated to share with the world because people might think it’s weird. My ducks to give about coming off as weird have long since flown.

Living on Earth is hard, and it’s even harder when you feel like no one understands what you have to say. Let’s cauterize the wounds by building you an artistic well of solace or strengthening your ability to make a living in this cursed hellhole of a world.

Screw pretention: Let’s just do some cool, authentic art stuff together. Rant over.

If you’re interested in hiring me, just send me an email or hit the button for the contact page–I’ll be genuinely glad to hear from you.