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5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Writer Online

Whether you’ve been running your own company for years or are just getting your small business off the ground, you’re undoubtedly looking to promote your services to potential customers. 

One of the best ways to get your name out there is to hire a freelance writer online! If you’re not sure what you stand to gain by hiring a freelance writer, then consider the following advantages. 

1. Good writing keeps up a professional image.

First off, the whole reason you’re looking to write articles or blog posts is to boost your professional image and credibility. A good company blog adds a wonderful layer of richness to your online presence, demonstrating value to your audience and increasing the likelihood that they’ll remember you first when they need the type of service you provide. 

However, if your blog or web copy is poorly written, then you’ll achieve the opposite effect. You want to ensure that you’re maintaining a professional image rather than making yourself look sloppy and irrelevant! 

2. Choosing to hire a freelance writer online saves you time.

Online freelance writers are pros at streamlining the process of outlining a project and getting things done. They’ve had tons of experience researching and cranking out articles at a rate that you and your employees are unlikely to beat!  

While you might have to spend hours looking up the best points to include in each blog post and putting your findings together into a readable piece, a freelance writer can probably get it done twice as fast. Time is money, and that hiring a professional to get something done quickly is a wise investment

3. A good freelance writer knows how to get results.

Freelance writers have probably spent way more time honing their persuasive and technical writing skills than you have, which means that they’ll be able to apply a whole new level of expertise to your material. 

Even if you pay an in-house employee to write blog posts for your business, they’re unlikely to do as well as someone who writes for a living. When you hire a freelance writer online, you benefit from the fine-tuned skills of someone who has spent years improving their writing. 

4. Independent freelance writers give you more bang for your buck.

Hiring freelancers through third-party agency sites can be great if you need to meet a tight deadline since you can get fast results from a big pool of writers. However, you should never underestimate the benefits of establishing a long-term business relationship with an independent freelance writer. 

Third-party sites often charge clients more while taking a dishearteningly large cut from the freelancers that do their work, which creates obvious disadvantages for both. A better personal connection with a freelancer and long-term collaboration on your material also fosters a vested interest in the success of your business and ensures a consistent tone for your blog. 

5. A freelancer will have a better perspective on what you do.

While you might think that your extensive personal experience in your field enables you to write great blog posts or articles about your business, you’re probably too close to your own work to write about it effectively. A freelance writer will have a much clearer perspective on how your business appears to others who might be looking to engage with your company. 

Your intimate knowledge of your business’ inner workings might cause you to overwhelm your audience with unnecessary details, while a freelance writer will know what to include and what to leave out. 


The choice to hire an independent freelance writer online is a solid investment in your professional image and your connection with your target audience. You’ll also save yourself valuable time, get more bang for your buck with better work for reasonable rates, and gain valuable perspective on how your business comes off to others! 

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