Professional Content Writing

About The Writing Sphere, Where I Write Like A Human Businessman:

Custom Writing From A Fearless Author

If you want to hire me as a blog author or look through my samples, you can find more info at The Writing Sphere. I can handle just about anything that falls within the sphere of custom writing [hence the name–isn’t it clever?], short or long-form, personal or public, Sci-Fi to SaaS-B2C. You name it, I’ll consider it.

Given my extensive background in writing [and designing] for a vast array of genres, applications, and target audiences, I’m also able to provide solid and time-tested consultation to help you revitalize your organization’s entire image.

You can hire me either as a credited author or as a ghostwriter . . . although the prices may change if I agree to put away my persona and write for you as a nameless phantom.

But at least you know that I can pick a style and make it powerful–just look at all this. I can help streamline your brand and give it the razor’s edge it needs: My guidance can help you expand your reach past Orion’s arm to reach galaxies unknown . . . Or we can keep it to Earth. Wherever you want to aim.