Graphic Design / Cover Design / Logos

Custom Graphics, Covers, and Logos

I’m glad to discuss graphic design, branding identities, and logos in general–but here’s an overview of what I do best to give you an idea of what you’ll be dealing with:

We’ll probably work best together if you’re contacting me for band promo materials, sci-fi/fantasy book covers, or logos for your weird side projects. If you want an idea of the subject matter I lean most heavily towards, check out my art portfolio page.

But: While I’m selective about the jobs I take, I’m open to considering most types of graphics projects if you look through my portfolio and see some level of compatibility in there.

I’m simply an artist for hire, after all.

My skills and specialties include:

– branding identity packages
– logo / icon design
– promotional materials
– book / ebook covers
– web-friendly graphic art

If you look around here and think “I see skill, but nothing that looks friendly enough,” then consider emailing me anyway to ask if I can help advertise your rustic coffee shop or cute indie business or whatever it is that you have. The answer is probably “Yep.” We don’t have to like the same things: I’m excellent at mirroring a brand’s identity and tone. I’m like a graphics shapeshifter. Promise.

Ebook and Magazine Covers

These speak for themselves, I hope: Sword and Sorcery, Cosmic Horror, Dark Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and just about any other related genres are the areas where I thrive.

Band Album/Promo Art and Logos

I’d love to make the perfect logo and J-card/CD cover for your sick black metal band or dungeon synth project or a logo for your TTRPG project.

Album Art


Logo + Branding Package for Burning Light Press

Hit me up, stranger.

You probably know the drill if you’ve gotten this far:

If you’re interested in working with me, just send me an email or hit the button below for the contact page.