Illustration / Traditional Artwork

Custom Illustration and Art

I love discussing illustration and art commissions, but here’s an overview of what I do best to give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

Dark stuff is my favorite. Like cosmic horror, grim fantasy, black metal, undead, evil-overlord’s-dungeon type of dark.

But: While I’m selective about the jobs I take, I’m open to discussing most any type of art/illustration project if you look through my portfolio and see some level of compatibility in there.

I’m simply an artist for hire, after all.

My skills and specialties include:

– custom illustrations / paintings
– book / ebook cover art
– tattoo concept designs
– vector and web-friendly art

If you’re looking at my current portfolio and thinking “I like your technical style, but can you do something a little less weird?” then consider emailing me and asking about it. I assure you, I don’t bite.

Partial or Full Color

I love working with a variety of mediums–usually oil paints, colored pencil, ink, and mixed media.

Assorted Personal Pieces

Black And White

Most people love color, I know, but I adore the stark contrast and moodiness that black and white pieces can offer. These are mainly done in ink and black colored pencil.

Cosmic Horror Monthly Illustrations

Tarot Cards and Illustrations

Assorted Black and White Art Pieces

Hit me up, stranger.

You probably know the drill if you’ve gotten this far:

If you’re interested in working with me, just send me an email or hit the button below for the contact page.