4 Key Ways to Revitalize Your Workplace Kitchen

A streamlined, refreshing kitchen space is essential to a great workplace. Keeping your workspace kitchen as efficient as possible will help coworkers make the most of their lunch breaks–not to mention, a trendy look can boost inspiration and keep the creativity flowing as well.  

If you’ve been wanting to revitalize the kitchen in your workspace in order to provide a better environment for your employees, take a look at these 4 simple yet effective tips for turning the office kitchen into a breaktime sanctuary.

  1. Keep the Fuel Coming!

Every workplace is bound to house at least a few coffee fiends, so including a coffee pot or Keurig machine is an excellent move. Providing a coffee station not only shows appreciation for the caffeine fanatics on your team, but it gives the opportunity to add a bit of flair to your workspace kitchen as well.

Most kitchen appliances are available in a variety of colors, and coffee makers are no exception. Matte black and charcoal can add a modern edge to your kitchen, while bright reds and blues can offer a bold pop of color without sacrificing practicality.

The juice blend trend is still going strong as well, so a countertop juicer can make another excellent addition to your workspace kitchen. Don’t forget to check the customer reviews before buying to make sure the model you’ve chosen isn’t too loud–you don’t want your new machine to disrupt employees who aren’t on break.

Coordinate your juicer with the color of your coffee maker for another splash of functional decor, and keep up a steady supply of brain-boosting fruits to keep your employees happy.

  1. Keep it Minimal.

Efficiency in your use of space is helpful even in solo kitchens, and it’s absolutely essential in shared spaces. You don’t want your trendy snack station to become a bottleneck as a result of poor space management. When picking design elements and amenities to spruce up your workplace kitchen, always keep minimalism at the back of your brain.

A great way to keep counter space free is to store the fixings that go along with your appliances in nearby cabinets or drawers. For example, you can stash coffee pods and sweeteners in the cabinet above the coffee maker rather than out on the counter. Counter space should be used for food and drink prep, not storage.

  1. Designate and Decorate Employee Cabinets.

One of the perks that comes with having free reign over your workplace kitchen is that you can distribute cabinet space in a way that suits your team members well. Take advantage of the opportunity to streamline break times by giving each employee access to their own, personal cabinet space.

Not only will individual cabinet spaces make each team member feel welcome and validated, but it’ll prevent miscellaneous items from cluttering up valuable counter space as well.

Label a shelf for each person and let them fill their personal space with snack items of their choosing. To cut down on messes, provide your employees with multi-functional glassware so that food storage, leftover warming, and eating can all happen within one container.

Give your storage space a trendier look and improved visual organization by switching up half of the cabinet doors for a refreshing two-toned color scheme. Finish it off with some modern wall art and some stylish chairs, and you’re good to go!

  1. Use Light to Boost Morale and Inspiration.

No matter the layout of your kitchen, lighting is key in developing a modern, open atmosphere. If your workplace kitchen is fortunate enough to have windows, make the most of them! Natural light stimulates people’s senses and can give any room an unparalleled feeling of openness and clarity.

If natural light sources aren’t available in your location, then bring in some designer lighting features with energy-efficient LED bulbs. Pick bulbs with a warmth level that mimics daylight in order to create a more revitalizing and uplifting kitchen space.

Keep your kitchen lighting trendy with some pendant lights, and utilize task lighting above the countertops to make coffee or lunch breaks easy. By keeping the ambient light at the perfect level of brightness, you’ll help your work team feel more refreshed than ever after refueling with a coffee break.


The atmosphere of your workplace kitchen is essential to keeping up productivity and boosting team morale in between work tasks, so consider these tips in order to make the most of your space:

Give your team members a sleek, trendy space to unwind during lunch, and provide them with an efficient drink station where they can grab a quick coffee or juice blend to recharge on the go.

Make sure to provide plenty of storage and counter space, and manage it wisely. Brighten things up with some beautiful, inspiring lighting and fashionable appliances, and watch your workplace kitchen transform into a refreshing hub of creativity!