Dark Magick

Come, young warlock, take my hand and climb
Your slithering synapses, the pits of your sickness as footholds
My dearest one, your power is infinite
You simply must flip through the static
to find the proper channel.

The smallest, most grieved, and most frightened of wizards can climb
to the peak of power, enough to change the world
And you, my dearest echo, are no exception.

Take my hand, melt into my embrace
And take solace in the uplifting knowledge
That although you are damaged, you are not broken
What you are is perfect, for power is not always bright.

Nestle against my throat, wrap yourself in my hair
Together let us plunge into the blackest abyss
For we are nothing, and we are everything
And endless loop of freedom in the void.

Let your darkness shine out like a light
Change the world with me to better suit our souls
They won’t mind, for they are endless grey particles
only specks, as we are, in an infinite vastness.

And you, my dear warlock, are an exception.
For you are I, and I am you,
and together we are eternity.